video installation, 8 minutes, 2016

This is the first part of ALMAGEST, a series of 12 cycloramas, divided in 4 ceremonies; Undressing, Submission, Endurance, and Erection. In each of the 12 parts a human being is confronted with the strange and unknown, and develops a static state of mind, a contemplation, where nothing can evolve from, and the ceremony becomes a way of surviving the static.

In the intersection between installation and virtual reality video ALMAGEST becomes a mental space, which discusses the human need for a concrete worldview, if we exist only through our actions or 'ceremonies', and if our fragile self image, our 'almagest', cracks in the encounter with the unknown.

The title, 'ALMAGEST', is a reference to a multi-titled book from the second century by Claudius Ptolemy, which is the oldest known publication of a mathematical and scientific approach to describing the universe in a astronomical way. In the book Ptolemy also describes, how the movements of the planets are linked to the lives of human beings, thereby laying the grounds of astrology. The name, Almagest, is derived from the arabic translation of the book, meaning 'Greatest'.